The Admissions Entrepreneur - A Day In The Life (Hosted by Tom Schenck)

Episode 15 - Brett Bodnar

August 13, 2021

Brett Bodnar - Senior Placement Manager for Educators Ally 


Brett Bodnar is a Senior Placement Manager at Educator’s Ally, a premier educational placement firm. Here she reviews their personalized approach to working with each client’s special needs. She also reviews the key skills schools are now looking for in admission professionals, as well as how they must position themselves to attract these top admission leaders.


Show Tracks:

02:24 how diverse experience helps

04:35 The Educators Ally difference

15:36 The key admission skills schools now look for

23:53 The current hiring landscape

32:12 How a school can best position itself to attract admissions professionals

36:54 Professional life balance

42:44 How admission professionals can transition to business

47:21 the challenge to education today and the Billboard of life


After graduating from Williams College, Brett worked in sports marketing for several years and then made the switch to independent schools, most recently as a member of the admissions office at the Ethel Walker School.  She joined EA in 2015 and oversees all admissions and enrollment management searches.  In addition to placement work, Brett also manages EA’s college recruiting efforts.

Brett graduated from The Peck School (in Morristown, NJ) and The Lawrenceville School and now lives in Norwalk, CT with her husband and their two year old daughter (and their dog and cat).

Educator's Ally connects teachers and administrators with independent day and boarding schools throughout the U.S. Since 1975, EA's highly personalized and thoughtful approach to recruiting has been valued by schools and candidates alike. We appreciate and understand each of our schools' unique character and the importance of making the right match. Known for our commitment to establishing trusted relationships with both candidates and school administrators, EA carries out each of our searches with care and diligence. 



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